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Evergreen Realty & Investments is seeking motivated real estate professionals to join our growing team of agents. As we look for creative and talented professionals from all industries and backgrounds, we welcome candidates without previous real estate experience in addition to seasoned professionals.


EVRG offers a rigorous training program for both new and experienced professionals and we are looking to expand our team in all divisions, including Investments, Commercial Sales and Leasing and Residential Sales and Rentals. Motivated agents will be identified and offered the opportunity to work on large, multi-million dollar deals.

Through EVRG's extensive client base from having developed relationships with hundreds of owners over the years, EVRG distinguishes itself from other firms through its access to exclusive listings across all product categories, including Commercial Sales and Leasing and Residential Sales and Rentals.

EVRG proudly offers the following to its agents:

  • Negotiable and competitive splits

  • Access to exclusive listings

  • First-hand training from a top industry professional

  • Responsive and efficient office support

  • Full and part-time opportunities

  • Unique opportunities to work on deals across multiple product categories


*Note there are no desk, tech, or association fees.


For inquiries, please email CAREERS@EVRGREALTY.COM.

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